When does CreateSpace pay royalties

When Does CreateSpace Pay Royalties? (updated for the KDP Print move!)

The question ‘When does CreateSpace pay royalties’ has recently been impacted by the merger with KDP Print.

Amazon had operated both print on demand services for a period of time. Many self-publishers found this strange as it seemed to be a waste of resources. It also resulted in indie authors having to choose between the two services, taking into account royalty rates, payment times, and other factors.

So what do you need to know about royalty payments in this brave new world? Let’s get to it!

Does CreateSpace Merging With KDP Print Impact Royalties?

In the post-merger context, the one thing you need to know is that royalties earned prior to migrating to KDP Print will be paid at the rate and schedule determined by CreateSpace. Royalties earned after migrating will be paid according to KDP Print’s royalty payment terms.

What Happens If My CreateSpace Royalties Don’t Meet The Payout Threshold?

If you earn royalties through CreateSpace prior to making the switch, but they fall below the payout threshold, they will be migrated over to KDP Print.

Don’t worry – the merger won’t lead to any royalties slipping through the cracks.

When Is The Final CreateSpace Royalty Payment Date?

Typically, CreateSpace pays out royalties on the 28th or 29th of the month following the month in which they were earned.

The general rule this is based on is that royalty payments are made 30 days after the cutoff date for the month in which they were earned. This is the 25th of the month. The exact day the money reaches an author’s account can vary slightly, but 30 days after being earned is the guiding principle.

Based on this, CreateSpace publishers can expect the final date for royalties to be earned as the 25th October 2018. If they meet the payout threshold, these will be paid out 30 days later, so around the 28th or 29th of November 2018.

How Do Royalty Payment Dates Differ Between CreateSpace and KDP Print?

You can read Book Publishing Guide’s full breakdown of KDP Print royalty rates and dates here. For now, let’s check out a quick comparison of how CreateSpace and KDP Print compare when it comes to royalties.

Payment Dates


30 days after the month in which royalties were earned.

KDP Print

60 days after the month in which royalties were earned.

The Difference Between CreateSpace and KDP Print Royalty Dates – An Example

To keep this simple, let’s imagine you had one book sold via CreateSpace during the month of September, and one sold through KDP Print.

Earnings for the CreateSpace book would be paid out at the end of October.

Earnings for the KDP Print book would be paid out at the end of November.

For some authors, this could feasibly lead to a shortfall in cash flow, so if you’re making the switch, please be sure to budget accordingly.

How Can I Access My Royalty Reports From CreateSpace?

Your account data and titles will automatically be transferred from CreateSpace to KDP Print as part of the broader service migration. This will include your historic CreateSpace royalty data.

To view this, carry out the following steps:

  1. Access the Sales Dashboard tab from within your KDP account
  2. Ensure the time frame is set to 90 days
  3. If your CreateSpace royalty data is older than 90 days, be sure to click on the ‘Historical’ tab

When Does CreateSpace Pay Royalties? – Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now feel comfortable about the switch from CreateSpace to KDP Print in terms of royalties and how you’ll be affected.

In summary, the main takeaways are:

  • The 28th or 29th of November is expected to be the final date royalties are paid from CreateSpace
  • You will receive your final CreateSpace royalties 30 days after the month in which they were earned
  • Any royalties earned through KDP Print will be paid out 60 days after being earned

Remember to factor the above royalty dates into your business planning and budget. We’ll keep this page updated should Amazon change their mind about anything related to CreateSpace royalties.


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