Publisher Rocket Review

Publisher Rocket 2.0 Review (2019’s Only Non-Affiliate Review!)

Are you a self-published author, releasing and marketing your own books? If so, you’ve almost certainly come across the wide range of tools and apps out there, claiming to give you an advantage. Publisher Rocket 2.0, formerly known as KDP Rocket, is just one example. In our review of Publisher Rocket, we’re going to dig deep into the software. Before you invest your money in Publisher Rocket, we want to answer these questions for you:

  • What does Publisher Rocket do?
  • What’s good about Publisher Rocket?
  • What are the downsides to Publisher Rocket?
  • How does Publisher Rocket stack up against the other options out there?

You will come across a ton of other Publisher Rocket reviews out there. The fact is, most of these reviews use affiliate links. This review doesn’t. We don’t make money by making Publisher Rocket look a certain way.

So if you want the most honest rundown of Publisher Rocket out there, read on!

Publisher Rocket 2.0 – Main Features Review

Like any tool, Publisher Rocket should be judged on how it helps you. So what are the main benefits promised by Publisher Rocket, and does it live up to its claims?

  • Keyword Search. Publisher Rocket claims to be able to help you find the right keywords to use for your book. What kind of results does it produce? Are they helpful? Are there better options out there?
  • Competition Analyzer. Competitive analysis is the second benefit promised by Publisher Rocket. So what kind of data does it provide? Is it accurate? Is it useful?
  • Category Search. A lot of authors like to find ‘hot categories’ so they can more easily achieve the “coveted” Amazon bestseller sticker. So what type of category data does Publisher Rocket claim to offer, and does it deliver?
  • AMS Keyword Search. AMS is the old name for Amazon Advertising. Publisher Rocket claims to offer keyword provision to use in your Amazon Advertising ads. So is this feature any good? Are there other services out there that provide similar data?

Publisher Rocket 2.0 is still a relatively new release. Because of this, Book Publishing Guide is still gathering up information. We’re running some tests alongside alternative services out there. We’re also gathering a range of opinions from across the author community on Publisher Rocket, so that we can provide you with the most comprehensive picture possible.

We’ll update this section of the Publisher Rocket review when we have the full picture. Remember, this is the only non-affiliate review of Publisher Rocket out there. We therefore owe it to you to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Publisher Rocket – The Positives

At the moment, we’re gathering a wide range of feedback from real users of Publisher Rocket 2.0, and combining this qualitative data with quantitative data from case studies.

We don’t want to rush into offering this to you. Publisher Rocket 2.0 is being updated almost all the time. On the one hand, it’s great that these bugs are being ironed out. On the other, it’s a little hard to lock down a solid review of the software when it changes so often.

Once Publisher Rocket 2.0 seems to have stabilized, and we’ve finished gathering our user feedback and case study data, we’ll update this review to bring you the full picture from both perspectives.  

Publisher Rocket – The Negatives

Remember, this is not an affiliate review! If you’re reading another review of Publisher Rocket, be sure to check out if the reviewer is using an affiliate link. This basically means they receive a small commission when someone buys Publisher Rocket as a result of their review.

We are not doing that. How the heck can you trust us if you know we have a financial incentive in making Publisher Rocket look good?

After the 2.0 release of Publisher Rocket has stabilized, and we’ve finished gathering our user and case study data, we’ll provide an unbiased look at any negatives we encountered.

Publisher Rocket VS Other Options – Self-Publishing Software Compared

Back when Publisher Rocket, then known as KDP Rocket, was first released, it didn’t have a lot of competition.

Rocket was up against Spy and Samurai, two options known for frustrating self-publishers. Since then, things have changed. There are a lot more options out there for conducting book marketing research.

In order to give you the fullest picture, we are waiting for Publisher Rocket 2.0 to settle down. Once there is a consistently stable release, we are going to bring you a side by side showdown against every other option out there. Not just the major names in the self-publishing world, like Samurai and Spy. Every option. The obscure ones, the out the box ones. All of them.

Check back soon for the full side by side rundown!

Publisher Rocket 2.0 Review – The Final Verdict

Overall, the earliest indications of our research suggest there is a lot to like about Publisher Rocket, but it definitely isn’t an automatic purchase. If you only need some of its functions, there are other options out there. If you publish in non-US markets, there are better options out there.

We will update this review as Publisher Rocket continues to grow and evolve, and we will add our case study and author feedback as soon as possible!

Please check back soon for our full and frank review of Publisher Rocket 2.0. We are the only non-affiliate review out there, so we promise to bring you the full truth!

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