Publisher Rocket Review

Publisher Rocket 2.0 Review (2019’s Only Non-Affiliate Review!)

Are you a self-published author, releasing and marketing your own books? If so, you’ve almost certainly come across the wide range of tools and apps out there, claiming to give you an advantage. Publisher Rocket 2.0, formerly known as KDP Rocket, is just one example. In our review of Publisher Rocket, we’re going to dig […]

BookBub Pricing

BookBub Pricing

Do you want to learn about BookBub pricing? BookBub earned its position as an elite book marketing service by producing results. Time and time again, BookBub delivers results and profit for the authors it chooses to feature. While BookBub featuring your book is almost always worth it, it’s no easy task. So is marketing your […]

Self Publishing On Amazon - Pros and Cons

Self-Publishing On Amazon – Pros And Cons

When it comes to self-publishing, Amazon is one of the biggest beasts out there. After all, Amazon is arguably the most successful company on Earth. And it started out selling books. Amazon also has the Kindle E-Reader working in its favor. Not to mention the fact that the Kindle app can be downloaded for almost […]

I Wrote A Book, Now What

I Wrote A Book, Now What? (A Simple 9 Step Guide For Confused Authors)

Help! I wrote a book, now what do I do? If you find yourself asking that very question, fear not. You’re in the right place! First up, congratulations! Writing a book is a huge achievement. Countless people have writing their own book high up on their bucket list. You’ve actually gone and done it. That […]

How To Find The Publisher Of A Book

How To Find The Publisher Of A Book

There are many reasons for wanting to know how to find the publisher of a book. Perhaps you’ve just finished a gripping fiction read and are eager to see what else is on offer. Perhaps you’ve just eagerly devoured the final chapter of an interesting nonfiction title and can’t wait to continue your education. Or […]

When does CreateSpace pay royalties

When Does CreateSpace Pay Royalties? (updated for the KDP Print move!)

The question ‘When does CreateSpace pay royalties’ has recently been impacted by the merger with KDP Print. Amazon had operated both print on demand services for a period of time. Many self-publishers found this strange as it seemed to be a waste of resources. It also resulted in indie authors having to choose between the […]